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"Watercolour - a book of watercolour techniques"

2. edition - improved with extra illustrations.
includes video clips of watercolour technques.

e-book - You can buy the book and have it sent, at once, by e-mail
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updated on 17.03.2019

Alek Krylow
Alek Krylow grew up in England, in a Polish family. He has been drawing since childhood.
He was educated as a biologist. On moving to Denmark in 1980, he began illustrating biology and later, other books.
Later he began to teach watercolour painting. In the last 30 years he has taught ordinary students
as well as other watercolour teachers in drawing and watercolour techniques.
Alek has produced 21 watercolour teaching videos in Danish. 2 of these are available in English.
He has written 2 books on watercolour techniques. An English version of one of these books is available as an e-book.

This book is an E-Book: "Watercolour - a book of watercolour techniques".

Watercolour Book in English as an e-book.

Some comments from satisfied customers:

Hi Alek,
"I have received your ebook, and am beginning to read and practice my painting.
There is plenty of useful information that I have never encountered before.
Thanks a million."
Regards. BCK - Malaysia.

"Ok...thanks, is a VERY VERY good book.
Why you not live in Switzerland, so I can learn direct from you..."
Bruno A - Switzerland

Hello Alek, "I received the DVD and ebook this weekend and I want to thank you for sharing you're knowledge.
I enjoy reading and watching the information and - as you can see - started
with the exercises concerning color and perspective.
Maybe one day you will find me as a student in one of your workshops".
Harm van L - Holland

(Harm van L. took part in one of my watercolour workshops on Fur in 2016.)

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Buy the book "Watercolour - a book of watercolour techniques" as a CD - price is 15USD + shipping.

Buy the CD book and any one DVD together and save money! 25 Euros /25 Dollars - plus shipping.
My other ebook: 'Travelling with a Brush'. An artists journey through Indonesia. - costs
10 Euros.

The 22 Chapters included in the Watercolour E-Book.
format: PDF.
Learn the techniques by painting pictures!

2. edition - improved with extra illustrations.
includes video clips of watercolour technques.

Plus 2 new chapters: "Which materials to buy" and "A question of water".

Some of my Teaching Films on UTube.

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