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Her kan du læs om mine akvrelkurser og andre beskeder.

Akvarelkursus på Fanø - mandag d.25-torsdag d.28 September 2023
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Fanøakvarelkursus d.9-13 sept. 2024 - programmet kommer senere!

Materialliste til akvarelkurser

Se ebogen om min kunstrejse i gennem Malaysia og Indonesia. Læs anmeldelse af e-bogen "Travelling with a brush"

Review of the e-book "Travelling with a brush".

Everyone who has a slightest bit of globetrotting in their blood, will enjoy reading this e-book.
Alek Krylow takes us on a 3 month long painting journey to south East Asia:
Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Bali.
The book is written in a cheerful and easy-to-read English and is richly illustrated
with numerous excellent photos, drawings and watercolours from the trip.
We are presented for a back-packers many experiences, both good and bad.
We read about the many fine contacts that are established, when Alek sits down to draw and paint his surroundings.
We meet, for example, a shady card player in Kuala Lumpur, Toraja people on Sulawesi and "The Dali of Bali".
All in all a really exciting account, with lots of humour and vivid descriptions based on the notes made in his dairy.

by Esther Larsen.
Correspondent and artist.

Billeder fra forskellige akvarelkurser.

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Himmel og Hav

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"Eksperimenter med Akvarel"

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"Vådt i Vådt"

Nogle billeder fra "De 4 Årstider" akvarelkursus.

de 4 årsdtider

Portrætkursus øvelser


Øvelser med træer:

...tak for besøget og på gensyn.

Alek Krylow.