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"Watercolour - a book of watercolour techniques"

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Alek grew up in England, in a Polish family. He has been drawing since childhood.
He was educated as a biologist. On moving to Denmark in 1980, he began illustrating biology book.
Later he began to teach watercolour painting. In the last 40 years he has taught ordinary students
as well as other watercolour teachers in drawing and watercolour techniques.
Alek has produced 21 watercolour teaching videos in Danish. 2 of these are available in English.
He has written 2 books on watercolour techniques. An English version of one of these books is available as an e-book.

The book is an E-Book: "Watercolour - a book of watercolour techniques".

Watercolour Book in English as an e-book.

107 sides of text, 450 illustrations, 12MB. - 15USD

A good offer!

When one starts to learn to paint, it is useful to have someone knowledgeable to look at ones early efforts and give constructive criticism of the work.
I am willing to do this - for a small fee! By paying 2USD for one month, you may email me your watercolour paintings for the month paid for, and I will send a comprehensive critic of your work.
The payment of 2USD is paid in advance of you sending me your paintings. You pay by Paypal to my email address - amkfuur@gmail.com - and this payment allows
you to mail me your paintings during the month paid for!
If you are interested, contact me first by email at alek@akvarel.dk

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Some comments from satisfied customers:

"Hi Alek, I have received your ebook, and am beginning to read and practice my painting.
There is plenty of useful information that I have never encountered before.
Thanks a million."
Regards. BCK - Malaysia. - 2018

"Your book is excellent and explains many things that I havenít found in other books.
Iím so happy I bought it".
Christine G, USA - 2020

Thank you so much for the copy of your ebook. Iíve only read 12 pages
and they are so inspirational and answer problems I have been struggling with for a long time.
Richard G, UK 2020

"Hi Alek
Already in the first 20 pages, I have learned more than in all the other books
I have bought so far - Perfect"
Andreas S, Austria - nov. 2020.

I have enjoyed your book so much.... Just wanted you to know I loved the ebook!,
have a wonderful day! Diana K, USA June 2021

Just dropping you a line to say how much I really enjoyed your E-Book.
It has been more helpful in 2 weeks I have learnt more than in the other 50 weeks of the year
that I have started watercolours.
John L. Durham, UK - 2021

I am really enjoying this book. I have had a look at so many watercolour books,
especially for beginners, and none of them covered techniques and inspired me as your book does.
So thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge in this book.
Mari - South Africa, 2021

After numerous other books, brushes and pigments used by or recommended by other authors and artists,
I keep returning to your selection of pigments and their ability to ďmix ď the hues I need.
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your website and hope you are well and continue doing your art!
Sincerely. Douglas H. - Sweden, 2022

The book is just fantastic.. I'm enjoying it.. learning a lot already..
I'm glad I bought it Alek! Marie P. - USA, 2023

Watercolor Watercolour

Here you can get information as to the subject taught and time of the zoom course.

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Don't forget to send me your email address - so I can email you the ebook!
There have been some instances where customers have not received the ebook immediately after payment.
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My other ebook: 'Travelling with a Brush'. An artists journey through Indonesia.

The 22 Chapters included in the Watercolour E-Book.

Learn the techniques by painting pictures!

plus 2 extra chapters: "Which materials to buy" and "A question of water".

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Danish version