revised 12.03.2022

On-line Watercolor Tuition with Alek Krylow.

Each course consists of 5 sessions of two hours on-line tuition with Zoom.
Each session is recorded and uploaded as my 'private video channel' on YouTube.
The sessions are held every 14 days allowing the participants to view
the recordings of each session, digest them and put into practice the ideas and instruction given.
These 'private instruction videos' can only be seen by paid up members.
We have also some ‘Question and Answer’ sessions, where participants can contact me
and I answer their questions live on zoom!
Other than that, participants could send me their paintings for constuctive comment.
All recordings, of the first five sessions as well as those in the secong five sessions, are available to all who join the courses!
As you can see – one gets much more than one has bargained for!

Do you have any questions about the tutorials,
then contact me by mail -
The second course of 5 sessions of Zoom Tutorials is set to take place in October-November 2021
Followed by more courses in 2022.
Up to now, the courses have been for beginners in watercolour.
Other courses for people who are more experianced in watercolour are also planned.
So if you can paint watercolour and think that I can help you with your painting, then contact me!

Zoom Tutorials.

The first 5 Zoom sessions started in March 2021, with participants from USA, Malaysia and Belgium.

Session 1- Skies/clouds.
session 2- Vegetation - bushes, trees, grass.
session 3- Landscapes - depth and perspective in the landscape.
session 4- Winter trees.
session 5- Water and the sea.

Each session is recorded and the recordings uploaded to YouTube as private videos.
The participants receive a link to the private videos as soon as possible after each session ends.
Others, not on live sessions can also take part, by buying the links to the recorded sessions
and so follow the tuition at your leisure.

The second 5 Zoom sessions will concentrate on drawing and watercolour.
We will look at subjects such as perspective, people - figures.
Objects to include in a painting and simple buildings.

Session 6- Basic drawing: shape, light, shadows and shading.
session 7- Perspective in buildings.
session 8- People 1 - general figure proportions.
session 9- People 2 - simple watercolours of people in motion.
session 10- Boats and animals and introduction to pen/ink and watercolour. Use of sketch-book.

These zoom video recorings will not be published on other public sites!

Price for the 5 live zoom sessions (including recordings of the 5 sessions) + Question/Answer on Zoom is 150 USD, paid by Paypal.
But you can buy each of the recordgs from the present sessions as well as the previous sessions. Price for each recorded session is 20 USD, paid by Paypal.
To pay by Paypal, pay to my email address: and receive a code to the video
If you are interested then contact me first at ...thanks for your visit.

Alek Krylow.